14 Jan
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The massive earthquake has been like a death note

This has been the coldest year in the past 3 years in Nepal. It is having a bad effect on recently delivered women, children and old people. On top of this cold weather, the massive earthquake and India’s blockage has been like a death note to the affected people. Many people have been badly affected and are dying due to cold weather and they are in a precarious situation. In response to this situation, ISDRI Nepal has distributed jackets to 30 highly marginalize ethnic community children in the very remote area of Tanahu district, Chhinkeshwory V.D.C. Ward-3.

In the program, chairman of Sayapatri primary school management team Mrs. Sukamaya Chepang and chairman of Tanahu Chepang association Mr. Dan B. Chepang were present.

Financial support by : 潘布悔, Alice Spogis

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