14 Jan
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ISDRI Provided relief materials Mask, Gloves, Helmets

There was more than 8702 people killed, more than half million houses destroyed and large number of people were homeless by the destructive earthquake of 12th and 29th Baishakha 2072. ISDRI Nepal supported the relief materials foods to the victim of earthquakes, as well as providing Mask, Gloves, Helmets to scout group and local youth group for their safety in order to manage destroyed houses by massive earthquakes.

Financial Support by

Mechel Galleway Daniels, Silvia Gadda, Jennifer Heinke, Ramona Dawe, Paolo Silvotti, Jeina Abda, Tomstuppner, Ruthm M, Sadatgousheh, Farah Zk, Negar Doroudian, Melina Emamile, Vonna Reynen, Rae Belcourt, Chris Hammonds, Ken Schekk.

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